Hero’s Journey: Introduction

I’ve been considering starting some kind of regimented exercise program, and then I found Hero’s Journey: a 60 day workout plan stylized as a RPG adventure, rife with story choices, class options, etc.

Being an insufferable nerd, this immediately enticed me, so I’m giving it a shot.

I’ll be chronicling my adventure here, making an entry every day with my thoughts on the day’s work. This will serve a couple purposes:

  • Public accountability will help me drag my lazy butt out of bed every morning to actually do it
  • Honest discussion of the highs & lows I face may provide some camaraderie with others facing similar challenges
  • It’ll be hilarious for me to look back on in the future to see how weak and out of shape I was (assuming I’m better later. Future me: don’t let me down.)

I’m not sure what to expect. My work is sedentary, but most of last summer/fall I walked around downtown for an hour before work each day, and in November I started using the elliptical in the apartment’s exercise room (although not as much as I should). Guess we’ll find out!

EDIT: I’ll link to each day’s exercise in their posts, but in case their site changes in the future, here’s a PDF version of the program I grabbed.