Hero’s Journey Day 13: New Bonds

Day 13: You wake up in a new place. No one has attacked you... yet.

Time for me to redeem myself with push-ups! …or not.

set 1: 3. My shoulders hurt and gave out on me. It wasn’t a “this muscle has been used and doesn’t have strength left” hurt, but a “ow something is wrong” hurt.
set 2: 9 Still granny pushups, shoulders were a bit better, no idea what happened with set 1. Maybe the chops in-between helped loosen my shoulders up.
set 3: 9 Was expecting to do more, went down for ten and pushed at it for like 10 seconds, but my arms gave out.
set 4: 6 Got the sharp pain going down for the first one, adjusted my arms and was a bit better. I’m wondering if my form is terrible, as I feel it all in my shoulders and my chest feels almost totally fine…
set 5: 7 Moving my hands up or down didn’t help, still having sharp pain with the first one. Barely managed to squeeze out the last couple.

So my shoulders suck. I’m hoping they’ll get better with rest.

Weapons’ Practice: Two minutes of planks is a LONG TIME. On the third set I faltered a bit after 90 seconds, but pushed through it.