Hero’s Journey Day 15: There’ll be dragons

Day 15: Enemy dragons attack. Fight for the innocent, protect the weak!

Dragons kick my butt.

So today’s a menagerie of failures.

  • Jumping lunges: Can’t do ’em. I can barely push enough to get myself to stand back up, there’s no way I can jump from that. I get enough burn from doing lunges as it is.
  • Jumping Squats: See above.
  • Push-ups: So, I technically did push-ups “to failure”. I couldn’t do a single one, even on my knees. As I went down, the SHARP shoulder pain is back and can’t push up.

I still felt plenty of shoulder burn from the side chops & infinity chops. And I replace the “Jumping” lunges & squats with normal ones.

Because I wimped out on so many of the exercises, I pushed to 7 sets instead of the 5 I usually do. But I cheated so much I don’t think anything but the lowest Karma should apply. But it doesn’t work for me: “Take a moment of silence for those who have perished this day. Talk to no one for two hours.” I’m not gonna tell my job or my wife that I’m not talking to them throughout the day because I couldn’t do exercises.

Oddly enough the middle Karma wouldn’t really matter: “your dragon was badly wounded, it will return to your side only on day 17”, I haven’t been using the “extra minute of rest between sets” anyway.