Hero’s Journey Day 19: Ambush

Day 19: The enemy has surprised you. Do not get taken without a fight.

Finally, something goes ok.

It seems like most days are a struggle to figure out which parts of which exercises I’m able to do, and being disappointed with the results. This is the first day I was able to do everything, and without much problems!

There were some minor tweaks – for some reason the act of pulling back the second jab with two quick jabs tweaked my shoulder, so I slowed that down a bit. And I still did the “low” elbow strike, just like last time.

I did 7 sets, and the only reason I didn’t do more is because I hit the snooze button a few too many times and ran out of time. Looking back, I did a total of 138 squats yesterday, and 70 squats today, and my legs feel fine. Only doing 10 at a time made today feel pretty easy, but still I know two weeks ago my legs would have been KILLING me after that. I’m sure they’ll feel fine tomorrow too.

It’s nice to see a tiny bit of improvement in one are of my exercise, when other things like my shoulders are going in the complete opposite direction.