Hero’s Journey Day 25: Down to Business

Day 25: Catch the spy before he gets away. Go as fast as possible. Go for 60 seconds flat out.

My shoulders feel… better?!

I’ve been avoiding any shoulder exercises that cause problems for a while now, and I just realized all the little day-to-day-actions that used to cause me shoulder pain don’t hurt anymore. Even the one specific action that worried me, keeping my arm loose and pushing my shoulder into the socket with the other arm, felt fine.

So I tried to expand a little bit, did the shoulder taps but not push-ups. Didn’t seem to cause much problem, they did feel a bit sore after but couldn’t tell if it was joint pain or muscle pain.

There was plenty of muscle pain, as I replaced the push-ups with 40 arm raises and 40 raised arm circles. They still burn, still feel like a good workout.

For the weapons’ practice, I didn’t do the side-planks as I worried those would be too rough on my shoulder. They’re basically putting all my weight jamming my arm into the socket. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t surprise me if trying side-planks is what caused the problem in the first place.

I didn’t replace the side planks with anything, my abs were so sore from yesterday’s coreapoloza that I could barely do three sets of 60sec elbow planks. I In the last two sets I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like all of my strength was going into holding myself up, and in the middle set I didn’t even make it to a full 60 seconds, let go at 54.

I’m falling further and further behind with plank workouts. I know I’m nowhere near as strong as I should be, and my lack of strength is preventing me from doing enough of the workout to build up the strength that I need to be able to do the increased workouts that come later. But I’ll just keep doing what I’m able to.