Hero’s Journey Day 10: Into the Storm

Day 10: The elements are against you. Fight back.

I am weak.

Push-ups ahoy! I’m appreciative that today DOESN’T exercise my quadriceps much, there’s only a little bit of pain when they’re fully extended and I’m happy to have a bit more rest.

There’s no way doing ten sets of push-ups “to failure” (five pairs of normal pushups & wide pushups) is gonna feel good. I get down for the first pushup, and I get SHOOTING pain in my lower abdominal muscles. It wasn’t a “I can’t push myself ups o I’m gonna give up”, it was a reflexive “this isn’t working” and it gave out. I was surprised, and switched to “granny pushups” on my knees. I figure that the point of the day is exercising the chest, so I’ll just do more push-ups to make up for the easier form.

I figured I’d be having problem by the end, but it still went worse than I expected:

  • set one: 16 normal, 7 wide
  • set two: 9 normal, 6 wide
  • set three: 9 normal, 7 wide
    This would time I was trying to do more than the previous set, and I finally managed ONE more with wide.
  • set four: 3 normal, 4 wide
    at first normal pushups were 0 for the 4th set, my arms gave out on the first one, but I tried again. my chest was just gone by this point.
  • set five: 7 normal, 2 wide
    failed at first for normal, I was surprised how many regular I got out. Failed twice trying to get the wide out, and couldn’t do many.

So yeah, I SUCK at push-ups. But, this is how I get good at them again. I’m happy it’s having me do them, and I look forward to better numbers when I do them in the future.

And then there’s weapons practice, three 60 second planks. I put it off until later in the day to give my shoulders a chance to rest, they sure needed it. Faltered once during the elbow plank, but was otherwise successful.

I’m guessing my core, chest, and shoulders will be PLENTY sore tomorrow, so I’m left thinking something I haven’t thought this whole time: “Boy, I hope it’s mostly leg workouts tomorrow.”