Hero’s Journey Day 11: Close Call

Day 11: You have been badly wounded in the storm. How badly?

A choice! …Kind of.

Today gives us a choice of three exercises. There’s some minor differences in each exercise, but the important ones are:

  • iamgonnadie: side leg raises
  • It’s bad, but not that bad: squats
  • ‘Tis but a scratch: jumping squats

First off, jumping squats can go piss up a rope. Today my legs feel pretty good, though. I decided to try something besides the bare minimum!

So the exercise is 7 sets of “some stuff, 10 squats, other stuff, 20 squats”, 210 squats in total. Unfortunately, the first set of 10+20 was rough by the end, and on the second set of 10+20 I barely got out the last few ones. I kept doing the 10 squats, but switched the final 20 to side leg raises for the last five sets.

When I was done I tried another set of 20 squats for the heck of it, and it was terrible, almost fell doing the last one. So swapping was definitely the right decision. I ended up doing 7*10 + 2*20 + 20 = 130 squats instead of 210. More than the “minimum” program of 0, but still doesn’t count as doing a choice that’s not the minimum. In grading if 90=A, 70=C, and 50=F, then 68 is still an F.

One positive thing I did notice, though, is that when I did the 10 squats in each set, my legs felt pretty fresh. In previous days, I know they would’ve been hurting from the second set onward, but today I felt like there was still strength behind them when starting again. I may be actually building some muscle for the future!

“Iamgonnadie… but did you die? Celebrate life by doing 200 skips by the end of the day. Skip away, grasshopper.” I will happily skip, and improve for the future.