Hero’s Journey Day 12: Refuge

Day 12: Someone found you unconscious and is tending to your wounds. Take it easy, you will need your strength soon enough.

Yoh-gah! Yoh-gah! Yoh-gah!

This is the first time I’ve given a shot at anything even slightly resembling Yoga, and it went about as expected – I’m not flexible at all.

  • Deep Lunge felt surprisingly good – having fingertips on the ground took out the quadriceps’ load that usually comes with a lunge, and the stretch felt good.
  • Downward Dog became hellish once I realized my heels are supposed to stay on the ground
  • I couldn’t exactly get into Pigeon Pose, my back leg couldn’t get straight like that
  • I couldn’t do Bow Pose with both legs held at the same time, so I alternated.
  • The only time you’ll see me in Reclining Hero is if I’m dead and my tendons have been severed. My body just doesn’t do that.

When finished I felt like I’d done more exertion than I expected, overall pretty happy with it.