Hero’s Journey Day 2: Stranger at the Crossroads

Day 2: Mind your own business or Get involved

A choice is presented, and I take the only realistic option.

As expected, my quadriceps are loudly angry at me today. I can walk, but getting up and sitting down take quite a bit of effort.

The program today presents us with a choice with the stranger, “mind your own business” or “get involved”. But for me, what I saw was “this choice has 100 squats” and “this choice doesn’t have 100 squats”.

I reluctantly went with “mind your own business”, which consisted of Half-Jacks and Raised Arm Circles. The latter reminded me of gym exercises from grade school, although they didn’t make my shoulders burn like these did.

The program already revealed the results of my choice: I am alone, and on day 7 I’ll have to do an extra set. I’ve entered into some “exercise debt” that will surely compound nicely when the bill comes due. But for now, the day wasn’t too bad.