Hero’s Journey Day 23: The Chase, Take Two

Day 23: Catch the spy before he gets away. Go as fast as possible. Go for 60 seconds flat out.


Sounds easy enough; do as many high knees as possible in 60 seconds. Here’s how I did:

  • Set 1: 86 – I’m honestly surprised how well I was able to do. Didn’t quite hit the subquest of doing 90 in 60 seconds, but I didn’t expect to. I’m guessing the first set will be my only chance to hit the quest.
  • Set 2: 84 – Oh yeah, definitely not hitting 90. Legs are getting heavy and really out of breath.
  • Set 3: 81 – Getting a lot harder, I had to consciously choose to go slower as I was so out of breath.
  • Set 4: 79 – I noticed in the latter half that my “high knees” aren’t really high at all. I’m only getting up to about 45 degrees, but that’s the highest I can do. Legs are now made of lead.
  • Set 5: 74 – I figured I’d try one more set just to see how it goes. The answer is “not well”. I intentionally did it slow, and my legs didn’t get anywhere NEAR 90 degrees up, but I did it, huffing and puffing the whole way.

I’m once again conflicted about what my Karma for the day should be. It’s true that I “did stuff” for 5 sets, but if I’m being honest with myself only the first two sets could really be called “high knees”. “No phone, internet, or TV” isn’t much of a punishment as I’ve been reading a lot in the evenings anyway (and I’m not gonna say “no I can’t do my internet-related job because of exercise”). As much as I like the overall design of this exercise program, I feel like the Karma stuff always falls a bit flat.