Hero’s Journey Day 3: Armory

Day 3: Pick a weapon for your quest. Your choice will influence character development.

More choices!

We get to choose from a bevy of equipment that changes what exercises we do, but some choices were easily eliminated:

  • Heavy Sword (pull-ups) – I can’t even come close to doing one.
  • Hammer (free weights) and Lasso (jump rope) – Don’t own any
  • Bow (running) – I hate running.
  • This leaves Ribbon (martial arts) and Magic Ring (elbow planks). The former is entirely leg kicks, which doesn’t currently feel too feasible with my legs (better than yesterday, but still extremely sore).

    Transitioning between Planks, Elbow Planks, and Side Planks without resting was a little rough, but I got through it without much problem.

    This was over very quick (3 sets of 60 seconds), so I still did the elliptical for forty five minutes. I’d hoped to be able to continue to do some longer, lower-intensity exercise while also doing the Hero’s Journey stuff, and this could help with some much-needed loosening of my legs. But this led me to a startling discovery:


    The machines in the apartment’s fitness room are pretty banged up, some of the LEDs don’t work and most of the labels are scarped off. I’ve been choosing the “fat burning” program, but I didn’t realize it adjusts the difficulty based on your heart rate. Except the heart rate sensor is broken and thinks it’s always high, so it always leaves it on the lowest difficulty. So I’ve been spending 45 minutes doing basically nothing for like the last two months.

    Today I finally chose a different program where it asks me to set the difficulty and OH, there’s resistance! I had no idea what the numbers meant so I chose “6” and “3” for the peaks and valleys of the “interval” program. It was noticeable but not too rough, will probably try higher tomorrow (if I do it).