Hero’s Journey Day 4: Under the Stars

Day 4: No time to rest for the wicked. You may not be totally wicked but even your stops have to train your body for the journey ahead.

Wherein my cat Morgan gets involved.

Most of the exercises today involve lying down, and Morgan took this to mean it’s time to snuggle. Alternated between head-butting my arms, or climbing on my chest and purring. On one hand it’s annoying as I’m trying to exercise, on the other hand it’s friggin ADORABLE and I wanna pet him. I shoo’d him away long enough to get the workouts done, but this will likely be a recurring theme.

For the exercises themselves, it was manageable. My legs continue to heal, still hurt but standing/sitting isn’t much of a problem anymore. I’m not a fan of Leg Raises, that’s for sure.

Did the elliptical again with intervals of “10” and “5”, felt like slogging through mud. Much more intense, not sure I’ll be able to do that every day.