Hero’s Journey Day 5: Journey Through the Woods

Day 5: The woods are thick and hard to get through. The path has to be created from scratch. The strength of your legs has to serve you well here.

I pay the price of terrible planning, and encounter the first day I can’t complete.

So. I think that the Hero’s Journey exercises weren’t leg-intensive the last few days, and thinks “ok, their legs are rested up, now let’s work the legs more.”

Except my legs weren’t rested up. I’d been hitting the elliptical and exploring the anguish of newly-discovered resistance levels, so they felt pretty weak at the start already.

  • The first set of lunges hurt. The jumping lunges just didn’t work. I flat-out can’t jump from that position.
  • The second set of lunges were worse, could barely get up for the last one.
  • The third set, I couldn’t get up from the last one, and fell over.
  • I skipped the fourth and fifth set of lunges.
  • After everything else was done, I thought, “ok, I’ll try to do one more set of lunges until I can’t do anymore” I couldn’t do a single one. I went down and couldn’t get back up.

So I didn’t even make it five days before failing the program. I figured there would eventually be some day where I couldn’t, but hoped it might be a LITTLE more than that.

But it feels oddly consoling that it’s my previous mental choice that caused me to fail. I honestly believe if I hadn’t been pushing it on the elliptical the last few days, I probably wouldn’t have had as much issue (I honestly can’t see doing jumping lunges). “I’m just stupid, not lazy” somehow feels better, I guess?

No more cheating on Hero’s Journey with other exercising for me, I learned my lesson! If I feel the need to burn any other calories, it’ll be “walking” or something very low intensity, I’ll be saving my muscles for this.

Also, it tells me I’ve found a dragon egg and asks if I want to keep it – “if I keep the egg, a baby dragon will hatch and become your sidekick.” OF COURSE I’m going to keep it because OF COURSE I want a dragon sidekick! I don’t care about any exercise ramifications from this – DRAGON BUDDY!