Hero’s Journey Day 6: Blocked Path

Day 6: The road ahead is blocked. Your upper body strength will help you push through.

The incompetence streak continues with an incorrect assumption.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do with this is not look ahead to any of the exercises until I’m about to do them. I want the curiosity of what the day’s exercise might hold to be an additional motivational factor for me to get up in the morning.

But I inevitably “saw ahead” a little bit with “weapons practice”: After choosing the weapon, that single diagram shows what to do on day 3, day 6, day 10, etc. “Ah ha”, I said to myself, “I saw that day 6 is weapons, and it was pretty brief, so I can sleep in a little bit extra this morning!” And thus I did.

I assumed that the weapons practice would be the ONLY thing for day 6. Which, if you clicked the link above, you discover it was not.

This didn’t turn out to be a huge problem because the weapon practice was “do this throughout the day”, so I was able to do the “normal” exercise in the allotted time.

As expected, My quadriceps were wrecked from yesterday’s lunge disaster (lungaster? dislungster? I’ll get back to you.) I cheated and used my knees for pushups and the planks, as my quads couldn’t handle anything but that.

Even WITH cheating the pushups, I was still embarrassed how few I could do. First set was 10, second was 11, and last couple were in the 7-8 range. I remember I used to do 20s or 30s when I exercised, but that was years ago and I’ve really let myself go. At least I’m starting the path to fix it.

Also, while I’m in the pushup/planking position, Morgan has discovered he likes to try to climb UP INSIDE my shirt from the bottom that’s hanging down, and knead the material from there. Once again, annoying and adorable.