Hero’s Journey Day 7: The Oracle

Day 7: "You are not and will never be a hero." Prove him wrong. No one can tell you who you can or cannot be.

The Oracle’s a jerk.

This is the day of reckoning for Day 2‘s decision is here, an extra set for six sets of high knees and plank jump-ins.

Honestly, this is the first day I seriously considered giving this whole thing up (which I’m sure was intentional with the design of the exercises, and the Oracle’s messaging). My quadriceps were still sore, to where the plank jump-ins became hard because I was dragging my toes so much that I started to get blisters. Muscles ached, I was almost immediately out of breath, and I felt like crap. I haven’t felt GOOD at any point since starting this. I’m wondering if I’m just too out of shape to be attempting something like this, and will just end up with nothing but some injury to show for it.

But today is not the day I gave up, I “got through” all of it (even the extra set from day 2). A lot of my high knees weren’t very high, and my plank jump-ins were pretty pathetic, but I did it.

As for the “bonus quest” of adding push-ups, I tried to do it on the first set, but it just wasn’t happening. And it feels like it’s not possible for a beginner – yesterday I did five sets of pushups to failure. Regardless of whether I’d ended up doing five or twenty five, because it was “to failure”, OF COURSE my chest and shoulders are going to hurt like hell today, and I’m not going to be able to do an additional fifty push-ups. I feel like if a beginner WAS able to do fifty push-ups today, then they didn’t push themselves hard enough yesterday. And if they DID push themselves yesterday and are still able to do that many today, then they’re not a beginner.

I have no idea what the ramification of failing this “bonus quest” will be, today’s plan didn’t mention it.