Hero’s Journey Day 9: Collapsing Bridge

Day 9: The ground is falling under you. You need to be strong to survive.

Another non-choice.

I could choose between:

  • Clear the bridge: five sets of toe tap hops, side-to-side jumps, and climbers
  • Clear the bridge with a single jump: 200 jump squats

HA. Jump squats can go die in a fire, my legs STILL hurt (but they’re feeling a bit better!).

The other exercises weren’t bad, even the climbers weren’t as much of a problem as they were in previous days. I feel like my body’s finally healing a bit to where I can actually do the exercises. Let’s hope this keeps up!

Oh in the “karma” for the day, my choice said:

You scrambled and scrambled as it collapsed. You’ve lost your backpack and with it – your dinner.”

I HOPE it isn’t insinuating that I actually go without dinner, because SCREW THAT. I’m not screwing up my diet because I didn’t do enough of some exercise. Consider me sufficiently chastised for taking the easier (only realistic) option.