Hero’s Journey Day 30: One Moment More

Day 30: Heroism is endurance for one moment more.

New exercise, new thing to loathe!

BOOO wall-sits. Not even because of muscles (which they do burn quite a bit), but my knees felt awful after doing three sets of 30 seconds. This was another one of those things that didn’t have a “ooh yeah good excercise” pain, but a “ow that feels like I’m on my way to an injury” pain. Nothing else has hurt my knees so far, but MAN those did not feel good. I think I’ll be swapping wall-sits with squats or lunges in the future.

For the planks I thought, “oh I’ve been doing planks for equipment training, I’ll probably be good at this!” hahahano. I couldn’t make it to two minutes, I did 1min 30sec, 1min, and 1min 10sec. Well above the “level 1”, but still not close to “level 2”. Oh well.