Hero’s Journey Day 31: The Town Burns

Day 31: How many people can you save?

I will not be getting a “firefighter of the year” award.

So the mid & higher levels have push-ups! I did a bunch! I didn’t make it up to 20 like the program called for, and they were still granny. I did 15, 15, 10, 10, 6. I chalk that up to being unprepared from not doing them in the past, but that’s still the most I’ve done in a long time. I have shoulder-area pain, but I THINK it’s the muscles in front of the shoulder more than inside of the joint. I’ll see how it feels tomorrow. I REALLY hope I can get back into doing push-ups. I really don’t know WHY I’m so interested in returning to them, I guess it feels like a “representative” exercise, like something that I should be expected to do? I dunno.

So I did a weird combination of the “40% saved” and “60% saved” tracks, where I only did 5 sets, but I did push-ups instead of shoulder taps, but I didn’t do the full 20 of the push-ups, so whatever. The “Karma” was for those two levels were various forms of “go without dinner”, and you can have my dinner when you pry it from my gluttonous, overweight fingers.