Hero’s Journey Day 32: Aftermath

Day 32: Recover from the disaster. Find the strength to go on.


Today introduced “deadlifts”, which look like the kind of thing safety guides tell you NOT to do. “Just lift it with your back with a swift, jerking motion. It’ll be fine!” But this isn’t lifting weight, it was fine. Side leg raises and side-to-side lunges were no problem.

Part 2’s Raised Arm Hold is the kind of thing that seems like it could go either way. It doesn’t sound hard, but it could be something that leaves me in shambles by the end.

Ended up very easy. I was surprised how little it worked my shoulders, and I went up to 5 minutes for the heck of it. I feel like my shoulders are weak and I really want more strength in them.

So not only did I do all the exercises today, but this was the first day where I was left feeling… disappointed. I want to do more, because I know I’m still out of shape. I’ll be doing some cardio in the exercise room today, which (HOPEFULLY) won’t leave my muscles hurting & impacting future workouts like it did the first few days. My theory that is everything’s more used to doing work in general, and shouldn’t be a problem (famous last words).