Hero’s Journey Day 33: Journey to the Mountain

Day 33: A higher destiny awaits you. But first, you must get there.


How coincidental, yesterday I used the elliptical in the exercise room for the first time in ages, and today’s exercise is “10,000 steps walk – 5 miles”. This is a bit less than the distance I do on the eliptical, so no problem there!

The other half was 80 push-ups throughout the day, which didn’t go so well. This morning I noticed my triceps and chest hurt from the push-ups two days ago, which is good! But after doing 15 push-ups, I felt weak enough that my shoulders started hurting, which is bad! I decided to stop it at there, as I’m worried that pushing (heh) push-ups when my muscles couldn’t hold me is what hurt my shoulders, and I’m super paranoid about hurting my shoulders again, so I’m giving it a rest there.

Weapons practice was three 60sec planks, which is surprisingly light – I’m guessing it was because they expected arms to be sore from the push-ups, but still I’LL TAKE IT! One of the few weapons’ practice I was able to do without much trouble lately.

For today’s Karma – because I chose the steps, it said “get someone to rub your feet for you.” No way I’m subjecting my lovely wife to that.