Hero’s Journey Day 34: The Climb

Day 34: Giving up is not an option.

Order is finally restored. With… CLIMBERS!

Today is climbers, climbers, and MORE CLIMBERS. 400 slow climbers.

Two reasons I was hopeful today, despite the complete failure the last time I tried climbers:

  • Last time my shoulder was already wrecked before starting, and now they feel pretty good
  • These are “slow climbers”, which may reduce the amount of strain/wiggle on my shoulders

And… yep! These weren’t bad on my shoulders. The combination of those two things really helped me. If normal climbers continue to give me trouble in the future, I’ll consider replacing them with slow climbers as a substitute.

The slowness of them made them burn much the same way that planks do, with a bit more quadriceps than planks. I split the 300 climbers into 6 groups of 50, every time I was approaching 50 things really stared burning.

I would’ve liked to do them in fewer groups of more, but this felt like a good exercise and I’ll take it.