Hero’s Journey Day 35: The Trials

Day 35: The guru at the top of the mountain gives you three trials.

Day mix-up #1. Oops!

Sooo somehow I got mixed up in days, and accidentally did Day 35’s workout today instead of Day 34. So we’ll just pretend 35 was number 34.

Lots of failure today! Because all the exercises are “to failure”.

Push-ups weren’t very good. I did 10, then 5, and then my shoulders gave me problems. I didn’t want to push it, so I didn’t.

Squats went a lot better; I did 25, then 26, then 27. I can tell I’ve been using my legs a lot throughout the program, and I’m finally starting to build some stamina in my legs.

Crunches for the third set didn’t go as well, and I could tell the difference in the sharp fall-off. I did 32, then 27, then 19. Starting the third set my muscles felt exhausted, compared to the squats.