Hero’s Journey Day 38: Lesson #2 Speed

Day 38: Speed makes you harder to fight, difficult to beat.

Ok something’s weird here…

SO the last time Hero’s Journey had me do “high knees as quick as possible” Day 23, there was the question of “does one knee count as ‘one’, or doing one ‘set’ of left & right count as ‘one’?” It suggested aiming for 90 high knees in 60 seconds, and I determined that a pair was “one”.

NOW it’s asking for speed again, and it suggests 90 high knees in 30 SECONDS. Either a) they’re expecting us, at full speed, to somehow to be twice as fast as we were two weeks ago, or b) they’re inconsistently referring to one or two high knees as “one”. So last time I treated a pair of high knees as one, but here I’ll treat a single high knee as one.

So here were the numbers I was able to do in five sets (punches, high knees):

  • Set 1: 65, 74
  • set 2: 72, 89
  • set 3: 66, 95
  • set 4: 78, 98
  • set 5: 80, 96

I may have been doing the punches wrong – I think I was supposed to do one arm repeatedly, and I was alternating right & left, which may have let me do much more easily do more than the recommended 60 in 30 seconds.

For high knees, it went a lot better than I thought it would. Doing it for 30 seconds instead of 60 makes a WORLD of difference in endurance, and I was able to push harder almost every time I did another set. It was only the final set that my legs started feeling heavy and I really had to push to get my legs high enough. Even then, I still feel like I was able to do it, it just took a LOT more work. I was pretty heavily out of breath after the third set onward, though.