Hero’s Journey Day 41: The Return. Take Two.

Day 41: And you are back again. Your quest continues and so does your training.

Shoulders AGAIN?!

My shoulders are still sore from the last time I did stuff, it seems like it was just a few days ago… and IT WAS just two days ago! Yeah my shoulders still hurt a lot, so I skipped the push-ups. I doubt I could do more than a couple anyway, and with my shoulders so weak I’m worried I’d be more likely to hurt something.

I did all the arm raises and raised arm circles, which surprised me a bit. Just like my quadriceps before, I was pleasantly surprised by the resilience of my shoulders in later sets. My shoulders were burning BAD after the very first set, but I was still able to push it and make it through the rest of the sets.

My shoulders are DEAD now, though. Very sore to the touch, and throughout the day I’ve been miffed when I go to lift my arm to do something and it just doesn’t respond like it usually does. I HOPE there’s more than one day of rest before pushing shoulders again.

Putting off part 2 until later, partially to give my arms a break, also because I ran out of time before work.