Hero’s Journey Day 42: Battle Plans

Day 42: Be clever or be strong. Fight, either way.

Jumping hurts! Jumping isn’t supposed to hurt! What the heck!

The choices are between “Attack Head On”, or “Split the Forces.” For once, I feel like this is a non-obvious choice. Before now, choices where pretty clearly, “Do something easier, or do something harder.” But here I’m not so sure. Climbers are easier than climber taps, but there are more climbers. Same with jumps vs jump cross punches.

I decided to go with jumps / climbers. YES, I’m trying climbers, which I haven’t done since my shoulder troubles, but I thought they would be easier than the “put all my weight on one shoulder” of climber taps.

And… they were fine! No shoulder problems whatsoever! Hooray!

but JUMPS. MAN those JUMPS. My calves were hurting so bad after all those jumps. I didn’t expect that at all, but it was terrible. I’m gonna be paying for that over the next couple days.