Hero’s Journey Day 43: The Betrayal

Day 43: Nothing ever goes according to plan.


The instructions for today say it all:

Step 1) Go through the sequence as fast as you can.
Step 2) Pass out.

one hundred high knees. Ninety jumping jacks, and tons more stuff.

And…. it actually wasn’t bad. I wasn’t doing the high knees as fast as I have in the past, mostly because I was mortally afraid of how I’d be hurting later. Worst part of the first four exercises was my calves, which as expected are KILLING ME after yesterday, but it’s a muscle tightness so I’m not worried about it.

The 60 side leg raises ended in the middle end up being a break, of sorts. It’s a naturally slower motion, and works different muscles than everything else had up to that point, so it was a relief.

Then MORE STUPID JUMPS ow calves ow. Toe taps were fine, squats ok, and I ACTUALLY DID jump squats! Well, towards they end they were more “slowly raise and feebly hop”, but my feet did leave the ground! And the first couple were good.

And that’s it! Overall not at all as bad as I expected. I honestly think it would’ve felt much worse if it weren’t for the side leg raises in the middle.