Hero’s Journey Day 45: Getting Stronger

Day 45: Level up and face your enemies.

Push-ups, GO!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any shoulder pain, I think I can start really trying with push-ups. I know I’ll be incredibly weak with them because I’ve been putting it off, but it’s time to start catching up. Today calls for five sets of push-ups to failure, some punches to rest, and close grip push-ups to failure.

set 1: 15, 1

First set of push-ups went ok, no shoulder pain. My triceps gave out before my shoulders did. Hooray!

I think this was the first time I actually tried to do close grip push-ups, and turns out those are hellish on the triceps. And mine SUCK. I was just barely able to squeak out one. I’m so far behind the curve here that I’m going to do normal push-ups for the second part in the rest of the sets, those are enough for me.

set 2: 14, 6

STILL no shoulder pain in either set of pushups, it’s my triceps that are letting me down. This is GREAT NEWS, I can push that, make them sore, and get them stronger instead of getting them injured.

set 3: 6, 2
set 4: 8, 3
set 5: 3, 3

Here we see what happens when I’m using a muscle group that hasn’t built up any kind of endurance. Once I run out of gas, it’s DONE. Two minutes of rest didn’t help my triceps at all, they were spent. These are some embarrassing numbers I’m putting up, but this is a necessary first step to getting things going.

And weapons practice is planking, just what I wanted. I skipped most of this, as my wrists, triceps, lower back, and shoulders (muscles, not joints!) were already hurting a lot. I tried elbow planks to give my triceps a rest, and got to 61 seconds before my lower back was screaming, next time only got 22 seconds. I’m calling it a day here.