Hero’s Journey Day 53: The Final Test

Day 53: Your upper body strength will help you push through.

I have no upper body strength.

Bunch of plank-like things and push-ups. Joy.

Set 1: 18 pushups

Not bad, shoulders hurt a bit but worked through it. First time I did plank jacks, and I HATE THEM.

Set 2: 8

Thought I was going to do more, but my arms gave out. All these plank things aren’t helping.

Set 3: 10

Triceps gave our first, which I suppose our a good thing. Lots of burn in all the other exercises.
Set 4: 8

My wrists are hurtingmore than anything else, again from all the other exercises. Shoulders aren’t hurting anymore.

Set 5: 9

I’m pleasantly surprised with how my strengthis holding up, I think if I wasn’t don’t all this other BS I might be able to do more pushups than before. My wrists suck, other exercises suck.

Weapons training is 5 min planking throughout the day, which means later in the day for me! Off to shower.