Hero’s Journey 2 Day 11: Close Call

Day 11: You have been badly wounded in the storm. How badly?

I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have been able to do jumping squats yesterday.

I’m very glad I didn’t attempt the jumping squats yesterday. I went with the middle path today, doing regular squats instead of jumping squats, and even THAT was a bit rough for me. Not only would have yesterday been extremely difficult, but I would’ve been completely wrecked for today’s squats. I’m very much not ready for that yet.

Today didn’t go too bad, the low number of reps per set for the squats (the fact that I was never doing more than 20 at once) helped a lot with the squats, and let me get a day with 210 squats total without much trouble. Huge improvement compared to last time!

10 high knees
10 half hacks
10 squats
20 high knees
20 half jacks
20 squats
7 sets
Level: II
Omissions: none
Substitutions: none
Score: 200