Hero’s Journey 2 Day 4: Under the Stars

Day 4: No time to rest for the wicked. You may not be totally wicked but even your stops have to train your body for the journey ahead.

Actual rest, this time.

Not much to say about the exercises. I noticed this has one-legged bridges, somehow I missed this my first time through the program, as I remember noting later in the program when I “first saw” one legged bridges. Huh.

Easy stuff, although the one legged bridges are still kind of rough. Still not much of a problem when I only have to do eight of them, though.

8 bridges
8 one legged bridges
8 flutter kicks
8 leg raises
8 scissors
8 sitting twists
10 superman stretches
3 sets
Omissions: none
Substitutions: none
Score: 150