Hero’s Journey 2 Day 6: Blocked Path

Day 6: The road ahead is blocked. Your upper body strength will help you push through.

The return of the push up.

Now, for the one hurdle I haven’t overcome yet this second time through: pushups. I’m starting with normal pushups, no more granny pushups. Going to go light, rather than pushing things too hard.

Set 1: 5

I kept it low out of caution, but the interesting thing here: NO shoulder pain. Even when I was doing granny pushups towards the end of the last program, I still had some amount of shoulder pain. Here I could feel it in my chest, but not my shoulders at all.

Set 2: 5
Set 3: 5

Started getting a bit harder to squeeze out #4 & #5 by the third set, but it’s from my chest, no my shoulders.

Set 4: 5
Set 5: 5

Muscles strained more in the last few sets, still no shoulder pain. Had some wrist pain/palm pain, looking into things after the fact tells me I have poor form; I’m putting all my weight on the bottom of my palms, instead of spreading it through my whole hand. I’ll have to work on that.

Stopped at “level 1” here with 5 sets, didn’t want to risk pushing things too hard and hurting my shoulders. Even though the number of pushups themselves were low, I felt like I was pushing the muscles well so I’m not worried about it. Leaves me hopeful for future days.

For weapon training, slow kicks worked my legs a lot. I likely wouldn’t have felt it as much if it weren’t for the jumping lunges yesterday. Lots of good burn. Overall a successful day.

5 pushups
10 shoulder taps
20 punches
5 sets
Level: I
Omissions: none
Substitutions: none
Score: 200