Hero’s Journey 2 Day 8: A Night to Remember

Day 8: Your rest time is your charge-up time. Power up the core.

For the first time in the second journey, I’m sore.

I’m surprised how sore I feel, and it’s in abs and legs. I guess the plank jump-ins were more exercise than I thought they were.

This led to a surprising amount of effort required to do leg raises. They were always problematic for me before, but they feel JUST as tough now even though most exercises feel “easier” than they were last time. Dunno why.

Still no problems overall, happy for the rest day.

10 crunches
10 sitting twists
10 reverse crunches
10 crunch kicks
10 leg raises
10 raised leg circles
10 superman stretches
3 sets
Omissions: none
Substitutions: crunches instead of situps
Score: 150