Hero’s Journey 2 Day 9: Collapsing Bridge

Day 9: The ground is falling under you. You need to be strong to survive.

Am I dumb enough to try 200 jumping squats?

Almost. I’m almost dumb enough. There’s a chance I could get through it, but a) it’d be miserable, and b) my legs would be wrecked for days to come.

So “Clear the Bridge” it is. Back again to one of the age-old questions: For all these exercises, is doing ” one rep” doing one side, or both? For the Toe Tap Hops, is grabbing left 1, right 2, left 3, right 4, or left right 1, left right 2, etc?

These reps where so low I did each side for “one”, I figured I’ll keep this up until it feels unsustainable (if it ever does).

12 Toe Tap Hops
12 Side-to-Side Jumps
12 Climbers
7 sets
Level: II
Omissions: none
Substitutions: none
Score: 200