Hero’s Journey Day 60: Boss Fight

Day 60: Polish your armor and braid your hair. You are ready. You have been training for this moment. Charge ahead and give it your all!

Beat down.

Right off the bat, didn’t do any jumping lunges or jumping squats (did regular ones). This morning my legs hurt for the first time in a long time, and I just didn’t have it in me.

Got through five sets, and my legs were plenty tired by the end.

The Karma for the day is rather accurate, for only doing five sets: “You just weren’t quite ready enough. You need to start from the beginning and make better choices the second time around.” Yep, big ol’ F for the whole thing. I didn’t make wrong CHOICES, I tried as much as I could and it wasn’t enough.

More thoughts on the whole thing tomorrow, for now I go visit family for the holidays.