Hero’s Journey: Epilogue

Adding up the score, and thoughts.

First, I added up all my scores for the days. Any days I couldn’t complete or had to substitute out weaker exercises don’t get any credit.

Grand total: 5,900

So, that’s it.

The description for this exercise program says:

The journey is 60 days long and it is totally transformative. When you have really traveled the hero’s path and have gone through your quest, you will have shed uncertainty, fear and doubt along with excess body weight. You will have forged a new character out of yourself, build strength and endurance and developed power. You will stand confident in who you are and what you can do: a true hero to yourself.

Frankly, that’s a load of bunk. I don’t feel transformed, haven’t shed any fear/uncertainty/doubt. I’m still tired all the time. My body weight change from Day 1 to Day 60 is: 192.2lbs to 190.2lbs. Two pounds. Not exactly “shedding excess body weight”.

There is one positive difference I’ve noticed: I do have more strength in my legs. I occasionally need to use the parking garage at work, which means climbing 5 or 6 flights of stairs. It’s been noticeably easier the longer I go in the program.

Honestly, the two weeks since I finished the exercise have been really nice. I LIKE being able to sleep in later, and I LIKE not feeling sore and exhausted all the time.

But I know that I need to exercise. I need to get in shape. So I’ll be starting the program over again. I’ll try to do higher levels when I can, and hopefully I can avoid the shoulder problems that plagued me through the first half of the program.

Once change I’ll be making is the “weapons training” days: I hated planking before I did the program, and I still hate it. The weapons training days were some of the most dreaded things for me. I’ll be changing to “Red Ribbon”, doing lots of kicks. I enjoyed those during the program, so it should hopefully make it easier for me to do them.

Tomorrow I begin the next journey.