Hero’s Journey 2 Day 14: …and you are cornered

Day 14: You are surrounded by enemies. Defend yourself!

Better fighting, but still feeling the echos of sickness.

So that chest cold that kept me from exercising for almost two weeks. I was truly “sick” for the first two days, but after that it was mostly a lingering thing. I didn’t stay home from work, but I was still coughing stuff up and still blowing my nose a lot. The symptoms still persist, but I finally decide to start exercising again.

Today I really felt it. The challenge of today was mostly cardio, and I could feel that I just can’t breathe like I used to. I imagine this is what it feels like to be a smoker. There’s a gurgling slowness to my breath that would be concerning if it weren’t for the fact that I knew this was a cold I’d get over, given time.

BUT, the exercises went well. Pushed enough to get level 3, doing 100 of each exercise. As usual the bit of “breather” doing 3 punches between the squats was enough of a “breather” to let me do 100 in one set. Don’t feel to bad now that it’s all done either.

100 jab jab cross squat
100 backfist side kick
100 knee strike elbow strike
Level: III
Omissions: none
Substitutions: none
Score: 300