Hero’s Journey 2 Day 17: Double Trouble

Day 17: Trouble never comes in single doses. Dig deep to survive.

Ugh, MORE pushups.

Double pushups again today, and my arms are still a bit sore from doing 7 sets 2 days ago.

Pushed through it, though. Stuck to 5 pushups each time, worried about endurance through the whole thing. Only did 5 sets, but on the last set pushed to 8 pushups. I really need to start pushing myself more earlier on in the sets and stop holding back. My shoulders are fine, my wrists are fine (a bit sore throughout the day, but not worrying). It’s time I really start working the muscles now that the basics are done.

Still can’t be upset, though, last time I was here I was about rock bottom, so I’m still way ahead of where I was then.

I ended up putting off the weapons training until the evening, and MAN doing 600 kicks takes a long time. At first I thought “10 sets of 20-20-20? I’ll just do 5 sets of 40-40-40 and save time!” After that first “double set” I decided not to do that anymore. Not too hard to get through, but now it’s quarter till 9pm and my legs are sore.

5 pushups
20 punches
5 pushups
20 punches
Sets: 5
Level: I
Omissions: none
Substitutions: none
20 turning kicks
20 side kicks
20 front snap kicks
Sets: 10
Score: 200