Hero’s Journey 2 Day 21: The Return

Day 21: Your quest continues and so does your training.

Pushups start pushing back.

Time for me to stop pulling punches with pushups. Things are stable enough that I can start moving much close to that “to failure” end of the spectrum.

First couple sets were ok, shoulders burned in raised arm circles but that’s expected. I aimed to do 10 pushups every set, made the first four sets and got 9 in the fifth set. It wasn’t until the 6th set that my shoulders felt empty when I went down for pushups, and only got out 6 that time.

I got 9 out of the seventh set, I was SO CLOSE to getting 10. Made it about 3/4 of the way up before my arms gave out. The last arm circles took some teeth-grinding to get out, but I made it.

Now my arms are jelly, just tried to scratch an itch on the top of my head and was surprised when my arm didn’t make it up all the way the first time.

Weapons’ Practice was pretty easy, 100 Double Side Kicks throughout the day. Did them in batches of 2 with a few minutes’ rest in-between. The “Ribbon” weapons’ practice is so much easier it almost feels like cheating. But it’s not, so I’ll take it!

10, 10, 10, 10, 9, 6, 9 pushups
40 arm raises
40 raised arm circles
Sets: 7
Level: II
Weapons' Practice:
100 Double Side Kicks
Score: 250