Hero’s Journey 2 Day 23: The Chase, Take Two

Day 23: Catch the spy before he gets away. Go as fast as possible. Go for 60 seconds flat out.

Hey, it doesn’t involve shoulders!

Once again, as many high knees as possible in 90 seconds! GO!

  • Set 1: 144 – No problems at all.
  • Set 2: 133 – Little out of breath at the end, but not too bad.
  • Set 3: 156 – I think I counted wrong last time, I was trying to go faster than the first time. It felt roughly as fast as this time.
  • Set 4: 159 – I noticed my legs started feeling heavier towards the end of the set, noticably out of breath in the last third of the set.
  • Set 5: 136 – THERE it finally caught up with me. Last half of the set was a struggle to get my legs up to 90 degrees, and was breathing pretty hard.

The weird thing is for the life of me, I can’t remember whether I was counting one or two high knees as “one” the last time I did this day. I want to say it was a pair, but I find it hard to believe I did those numbers. I specifically remember being VERY slow in that last set, and I don’t think I did 148 “single” high knees.

But, the numbers also seem LOW if it’s 1-to-1, I feel like I wasn’t that slow… Who knows, the knowledge is lost to the ages. At least I know what I’m doing from now on.

I guess I hit the bonus quest of “90 high knees in 60 seconds”? That seems way to easy to be a bonus quest, I wonder if they meant 180 and got caught by the same thing I did. Dunno, but I’ll take it.

144, 133, 156, 159, 136 high knees
Sets: 5
Level: III
Score: 500