Hero’s Journey 2 Day 24: Core Power

Day 24: Increase yhour chance of survival by strengthening your core. Make the arrows bounce off our abs.

Couldn’t bounce a spring off my abs if it was covered in flubber.

Continuing my trend of doing exercises as intended, sit-up punches suck. Along with pulse-ups sucking and infinity circles sucking, which I already knew about it. Lots of these suck.

I “did” the exercises, but I didn’t get up very high with the sit-ups, and my legs weren’t straight up with the latter two. I think these will get better as I get stronger, though, so nothing to do but keep powering through them.

14 leg raises
14 pulse ups
14 infinity circles
14 sit-up punches
14 sitting punches
14 sitting twists
10 superman stretches
Sets: 3
Score: 150