Hero’s Journey 2 Day 25: Down to Business

Day 25: Catch the spy before he gets away. Go as fast as possible. Go for 60 seconds flat out.

Pushups lead to problems.

First time doing pushups since the planking day, and ended up with a bit of shoulder pain. The muscles were still sore, but I think it was joint pain like I used to have. Went easy on the pushups today, want to give it time to rest.

This would lend credence to hard planks being what caused my shoulder problems before.

I also made it a point with the shoulder taps to make sure each of my arms was fully taking my weight with my shoulder muscle (instead of leaning on the joint itself), want to make sure I’m not damaging it any further.

For the Weapons’ Practice, not too hard but MAN 600 kicks takes a long time to do.

10, 6, 5, 5, 5 pushups
20 shoulder taps
40 punches
Sets: 5
Level: I
Weapons' Practice
20 turning kicks
20 side kicks
20 front smap kicks
Sets: 10
Score: 400