Hero’s Journey 2 Day 29: Power Within

Day 29: No time to rest for the wicked. You may not be totally wicked but even your stops have to train your body for the journey ahead.


pushups AND close grip pushups. oh joy.

Started off easy with just five of each in the first set and thought, “Hey that wasn’t bad, I’ll be able to increase reps no problem!” Then I realized I had misread the workout as WIDE grip instead of close grip. Oops.

Actually did close grip for the second set and UGGH those suck. Seemed to hurt both my wrists and shoulders more than wide grip.

Stuck with 5 reps for the rest of the sets. Turning my wrists inward helped a lot with the close grip, but it still didn’t feel great on the shoulders. I feel like I could’ve done more if it weren’t for the stupid close grip. I wanna go back to wide grip. 🙁

Weapons’ practice was three hundred kicks. 5 sets of sixty, easy peasy. Well, not THAT easy, my legs are now sore and I’m sweating, but doable.

5 pushups
40 punches
5 close grip pushups
Sets: 7
Weapons' Practice:
100 turning kicks
100 side kicks
100 front snap kicks
Score: 500