Hero’s Journey 2 Day 31: The Town Burns

Day 31: How many people can you save?

I still suck at pushups.

Today calls for sets of 20 pushups, which is way more than I’ve been doing. I gave it a shot, but with doing two groups of 10 and a 30 second rest in between. I made it though the first two sets, but on the third set I did 10 and the 3 of the second group and my arms gave out. So I switched to shoulder taps (did 20 immediately) and resigned myself to level 1 for the day.

I’m still way behind the curve with pushups. I’ll keep working on it, but I’m still not where I’m supposed to be.

20 high knees
20 squats
10+10,10+10,10+3 pushups
20,20,20 shoulder taps
Sets: 5
Level: I
Score: 100