Hero’s Journey 2 Day 35: The Trials

Day 35: The guru at the top of the mountain gives you three trials.

Bleh, failure.

Doing exercises “until failure” never feels good for me. No matter how many reps I end up doing, I always feel like I should’ve been doing more of them. “C’mon, you couldn’t have done ONE more?”, says that voice in my head.

Pushups: 21, 11, 5. Having only 30 seconds of rest between the reps is really noticeable here, I was disappointed in the falloff in the later sets. Pretty happy with the 21, though, I think that’s the biggest single batch of pushups I’ve done.

Squats: 37, 30, 32. This is one of those where I feel like I should be doing more. There’s a lot of endurance in my legs, so I’m not sure where exactly “failure” is. I don’t want to do it until I actually fall over, so I just picked an arbitrary place to stop.

Sit-ups: 17, 12, 12 I haven’t been doing “real” sit-ups (instead of crunches) for a while, so these felt a bit awkward. Finally found a place to stick my feet to hold them down so I can actually do a sit-up.

Wall-sit: 17s, 30s, 30s: Yep, still hate ’em. Of course it doesn’t help that I already did three sets of squats to failure, so of course my legs are already wrecked. Still doesn’t change that my knees were hurting about the same time as my legs felt like they were going to give out. I had to push hard to get 30 seconds in the last two sets.

Still an overall improvement from the last time I was on this day, so the march of progress continues.

Pushups: 21, 11, 5
Squats: 37, 30, 32
Sit-ups: 17, 12, 12
Wall-sit: 17s, 30s, 30s
Score: 300