Hero’s Journey 2 Day 37: Lesson #1 Strength

Day 37: True strength comes from muscle control.

Still not strong.

Similar to the last time, all my “slow” reps were 5 seconds down, 5 seconds up, instead of the 10 down-10 up that they recommend. Although it says “count to 10”, not necessarily 10 seconds, hmm.

Pushups were weaker, it was about 2 seconds down & 2 seconds up. Still a lot slower than I usually do, and I’m happy with doing 42 “slow” pushups, even if they may not have been slow enough.

Weapons practice is 100 double turning kicks, I split them into sets of 20 with ten each side, and took like 60 seconds between them. Easy enough.

6 slow squats
6 slow pushups
6 slow leg raises
Sets: 7
Level: II
100 double turning kicks
Score: 400