Hero’s Journey 2 Day 41: The Return. Take Two.

Day 41: And you are back again. Your quest continues and so does your training.

Pushing pushups.

I came into the day with the goal of doing 15 pushups per set, going to 7 sets. I didn’t know how long I’d be able to keep it up, but that’s what I want to aim for.

  1. went pretty well, felt more in my chest than rest
  2. Felt a little in the arms, still mostly chest
  3. Shoulders and triceps a bit sore, figured this might be my last set of 15
  4. triceps and chest really hurting, said “ok next set I’ll do less than 15”
  5. Had trouble getting the first one out, but still managed to go to 15!
  6. Had to really psych myself up before starting, and I was shaking through the whole latter half, but another 15!
  7. There was no way I was gonna come this close and not do 15. A lot of straining, and the last two were very slow and shaky, but got out 15.
  8. The arm raises and raised arm circles almost don’t feel worth mentioning in comparison. Burned a bit, but nothing I haven’t done before.

    I’m very happy that my shoulders being sore from the arm exercises didn’t seem to impact the pushups much, if at all. Either through strengthening the muscles or tweaking the form, I’ve gotten to where my shoulders don’t affect pushups much. My triceps are clearly the limiting factor here, and they feel tighter than they ever have during any time this entire program. I like this because I know this will make them stronger, which will allow me to do more in the future. I feel like I’m finally not only on the path, but speeding down the path to improving pushups. FINALLY. It’s only taken 101 days of exercise. <_< Weapons' practice is 600 kicks, nothing notable. Still riding on the adrenaline from pushups.
    15 pushups
    50 arm raises
    50 raised arm circles
    Sets: 7
    Level: II
    20 turning kicks
    20 side kidks
    20 front snap kicks
    Sets: 10
    Score: 500