Hero’s Journey 2 Day 42: Battle Plans

Day 42: Be clever or be strong. Fight, either way.

Clever or Strong? How ’bout neither.

Comin on this day again, I remembered that the Karma treated one of these as the “good” scenario and one as the “bad” scenario, but looking at them I still couldn’t figure out which is supposed to be easier. I went with the one I didn’t do last time, “Split the Forces”, which is jump cross punches and climber taps.

Neither were very difficult, the jump cross punches worked the shoulders a bit putting my arms up, but I think that has more to do with them being sore from yesterday than this exercise itself. I went through all ten sets, just because I didn’t feel much being a limiting factor here. I guess this is a bit of a “rest” day after the hard work of yesterday.

40 jump cross punches
20 climber taps
Sets: 10
Level: III
Score: 300