Hero’s Journey 2 Day 45: Getting Stronger

Day 45: Level up and face your enemies.

Still hate close grip.

Felt lazy this morning, so I set out with the goal of doing 10 regular pushups and 5 close grip in each set. It would be the same total number of pushups I did previously, but some are harder because they’re close grip, but they’re easier because they’re not all in one set… Might be a wash.

Got through 7 sets without as much trouble as doing 15 per set. I struggled a little more with the first few sets (I hate close grip), but didn’t struggle as much with the later sets (although it was still a struggle).

Weapons’ practice is EIGHT HUNDRED KICKS, half of them slow. Took a long time to get through, this was the first time I can recall seeing actual sweat glistening on my arms. My legs were sore by the end, by not as much as I would have thought.

10 pushups
60 punches
5 close grip pushups
Sets: 7
Level: II
80 slow side kicks
80 fast side kicks
Sets: 5
Score: 600