Hero’s Journey 2 Day 53: The Final Test

Day 53: Your upper body strength will help you push through.

Sooo had some health issues, for two days time allocated for exercise each morning was spent in the bathroom instead. But time to hit the final slalom, head-on!

So 15 pushups is my go-to number now, but the whole rest of this day is planky things. I did 15 the first set, but my shoulders were already hurting by the second set and I went down to 10. I think that was a good number, I made it through the rest of the sets. It’s a good thing the plank jacks have a lot of movement to them, as it hid how much I was shaking in the last few sets.

Part of me feels disappointed that I had to go down to 10 from 15 pushups, but I can also look back to the last day 53 and see how much improvement there was – now it’s normal pushups instead of granny, 7 sets instead of 5, and I made a point to take no rests between pushups & the rest of the exercises, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t last time.

Improvement is coming, it just never feels to be large enough or fast enough.

10 plank leg raises
15,10,10,10,10,10,10 pushups
10 climbers
10 plank jacks
Sets: 7
Level: II
40 front snap kicks
40 front snap kicks (switch)
Sets: 5
Score: 500