Hero’s Journey 2 Day 57: Fight the Army

Day 57: Hand-to-Hand Combat

So much fighting.

Punch, squat, knee. It’s amazing how much easier squats are with just a little bit of a breather between the reps. 2 days ago I was feeling the burn doing four sets of 25 squats, but here I did seven sets of 80 squats, and they didn’t start hurting until the sixth set.

Legs are hurting now though.

The 300 kicks from weapons’ practice were a bit harder than they would’ve been if it weren’t for the squats, but still not too bad. Did five sets of 20 each right after the regular workout no problem.

60 punch + punch + cross, squat, knee combos
Sets: 7
Level: II
100 turning kicks
100 side kicks
100 front snap kicks
Score: 400